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Hotels on The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is positioned in the Irish Sea and sits between England and Ireland. Although it is not classified as part of the United Kingdom, it has Queen Elizabeth II as head of state but is self governed and is officially a British Crown Dependency. The island itself is a centre of finance and also a very popular tourist destination and has many hotel venues to welcome the influx of business travellers and tourists who visit the island every year. It is also the home of the internationally famous Isle of Man TT Races event held annually in late May and early June.

The islands capital city is the town of Douglas, situated on the south east coast. The other main town and villages are Castletown, Peel and Ramsey. Although not large in size the island offers scenic and unique landscapes and romantic folklore.

Hotels on the Isle of Man are well equipped to cater for the many tourists and business visitors it receives each year. Local hotels and accommodation providers offer comfortable venues for all budgets ranging from the opulent and luxurious to the comfortable and scenic. The many business visitors who come to the island will find that it offers excellent business and conference facilities with an excellent range of dining and entertainment facilities to match. Tourists will find that many hotels offer scenic views and a good standard of traditional but modern hospitality.

Visitors may find that due to the large influx of competitors and spectators during the annual TT Races, hotel availability may appear to be very limited in late May and early June. The large influx of tourists during the summer months may also make it appear that many hotels and guest houses are sold out. A better way to find actual hotel and venue availability is to contact accommodation providers directly. Many guest houses and hotels on the Isle of Man remove blocks of availability slots from comparison websites during these busy times making it appear that they are fully occupied. This may not always be the case though. Contacting your chosen hotel or accommodation provider directly is the only sure way to check whether there is a vacancy during the time you wish to visit the island. Doing this may also save you money as in some cases the tariff may be less expensive as commission fees may not apply to direct bookings. Comparison websites may offer seemingly competitive prices but may not always offer the best deal to customers. Booking your accommodation direct with a hotel venue should always be your first choice.

Whatever the reason for your visit to the Isle of Man you will find that the island offers much in the way of scenery and hospitality. The island offers visitors an experience full of culture and tradition set in a unique location in the British Isles.

Begin planning your trip now by choosing from the hotels featured on this site, and remember to always check direct with your chosen hotel for best priced deals.